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St. Ann's is a partner in another local health care project: TANDEM365, a partnership designed to help older adults navigate the complexities of healthcare while managing costs and enabling them to remain in their homes. TANDEM365 staff are now caring for over 29 participants with another 10 on the waitlist, demonstrating the demand for this unique program. Care navigator teams have been working extremely hard to ensure each participant has an individual care plan to help improve their quality of life despite health challenges. There are amazing success stories, including returning a gentleman back to his former outgoing self while avoiding multiple trips to the emergency room, which has enabled his wife to return to work. Visit the website here.

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St. Ann's Home

St. Ann’s is an assisted living and nursing care facility that serves the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being of our residents rooted in a Catholic faith. We provide assisted living, nursing care, rehabilitation care, Alzheimer’s treatment and hospice care to West Michigan residents.


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Our mission is to provide a loving and spiritual community for older adults to live lives of caring and wholeness, inspired by our Carmelite foundation of fraternity, service and prayer.

Celebrate the history and founding of the Carmelite Sisters.

July 2, is cause for thankful celebration: it is the 123rd anniversary of the founding of the Carmelite Sisters, who eventually opened St. Ann's in 1951.


The founding: Mother Maria Teresa took for a model St. Teresa of Jesus, the great Spanish Mystic and Reformer of the Order of Carmel. Mother Maria Teresa took the Carmelite spirit of prayer and coupled it with apostolic service. Her concern was aimed especially at poor and neglected children, above all those who had no home. Her loving dedication was further directed to families and individuals who had left the Church, to the lonely, the aged, to immigrants and transient workers--simply all who were homeless in any way. So it was that contemplative prayer coupled with active charity became the distinguishing mark of the Carmel of the Divine Heart of Jesus.

Visit the Facebook page of 
Blessed Maria Teresa of St. Joseph or the website of the Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus here. **The website is managed by the Carmelite Sisters in Sittard, the Netherlands, and is therefore in Dutch. "Right click" and have your browser translate the pages to English.


We seek to keep life whole for seniors.

The fruits of our efforts will be borne out in the safe, contented and productive lives lived by those we serve.

Our active campus, an anchor of the Westside community, will be the center, though not limited, of our service to seniors.

We will exemplify contemporary ideals of wellness by maintaining exemplary standards of care.


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